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PGO has embraced and revitalized a local greenhouse leftover from the cut flower industry, breathing new life into the community. This investment will decrease energy consumption, improve local infrastructure, and bring new valuable jobs to our small community. 

PGO is working to invest in all measures to negate PGO's carbon footprint and help support the local community's power supply. 

PGO is at the forefront of acoustical control technologies to ensure that no sounds will impact our neighbors and the quality of life that we cherish in Carpinteria. With all available tech from licensed Acoustical Engineers being deployed on-site, PGO will be one of the quietest cultivators in the county. PGO's fencing will be fitted with noise-canceling mass loaded vinyl, noise emitting equipment will all be outfitted with acoustical enclosures, and all greenhouse ventilation points will be outfitted with noise-canceling target panels, reducing local noise dissemination to a mere whisper.

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