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Local, Clean, Green, Smart.


Pacific Grown Organics is made up of local farmers who are dedicated to being good farmers and great neighbors, operating at the highest standards, promoting responsible and ethical practices, and protecting public health and safety.

PGO's revitalized greenhouse will decrease energy consumption, negate it's carbon footprint, improve local infrastructure, and bring new valuable jobs to the community.

PGO employs state of the art acoustical control technologies reducing local noise dissemination to a mere whisper and its uniquely designed greenhouse air pressure system will neutralize all cannabis odors to ensure the enjoyment of the quality of life that we cherish in Carpinteria.


PGO will have: a closed-loop water irrigation system reducing water consumption with zero water runoff, a zero-waste soil mending program, small scale weekly harvesting schedules, and no large vehicles will be needed for the farm.


PGO provides strong living wages and takes care of its employees helping them develop their career interests while promoting upward growth within the company. This is supporting our local families. Partnering with our local non profit, Pacific Grown Impact, employees and their families are offered scholarship opportunities.


PGO has remained candid and transparent, offering tours, information sessions, promoting education, and attending all events and meetings surrounding the industry to help remain on top of its responsibilities.


Cannabis is helping to revitalize the local economy and preserve the community’s agricultural roots with a sustainable clean crop.


PGO is proudly clean, green, smart, and engaged!


Pacific Grown Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to career development and life skills training for workers in the Santa Barbara agricultural industry, including employees of Pacific Grown Organics, and a private foundation that provides scholarships to employees of Pacific Grown Organics and their children.

Pacific Grown Impact's mission is to: develop a workforce with long-term, management careers in the Carpinteria and Santa Barbara County agricultural industry, empower a workforce and their families with strong employment and financial literacy skills, and support the educational growth and development of Pacific Grown Organics' employees and their families.


We offer job training and career development through teaching the skills needed to attain leadership and management positions in agriculture. This includes life skills, communication, health & wellness, time management, financial literacy, and household budgets. PGI also offers scholarships, granting educational funds for post-secondary schooling, including college and trade schools.

This year PGI has built and planted an acre pumpkin patch ready to offer the children of Carpinteria an open-air educational activity where they can learn about scaled agriculture and have some fun! 

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Come on Down to the Farm!


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